About Us

A Word from the CEO

Since Arabo Filter started in 1953, we have been in a constant effort to get new blood into our company by applying the latest technologies and incorporating the leading-edge engineering.

Being located in the Middle East, a market that is always in a huge demand for new products and technology, gives us a great responsibility towards our neighbors. Our customers in the region are looking for European standards with economical prices. Here comes our role in Arabo Filter where the dilemma of “price” and “technology” is completely solved through applying the best practices that fit the client budget without compromising the quality.

Sherif El Arabi,CEO

Arabo was founded in Alexandria by Eng. Osman Afify in 1953. The company played major role in supplying Aswan High Dam-Egypt’s National Project- with Turbines’ Filters in the fifties.

In 1968, Eng. Mohamed Al Arabi, the son, took over the management responsibility. He restructured the factory set up and fabricated the essential machinery for manufacturing filters. Over the years the product lines have been extended to cover very wide range of Filters achieving turnover of LE 90 million. Recently the grand-son, Sherif Al Arabi became in charge of the company management and is appointed as the company’ CEO. He started the change process in the company to realize his ambitious plans to position Arabo Comany as a leading Producer of Environmental Filters in the Middle East.

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