Gas Element Filter

Gas Element Filter

The use of natural gas is increasing every day in industrial applications, heating, power, cooking and fireplaces around the globe. New technologies are constantly being developed to make the best out of this clean burning efficient and increase its use.The natural gas, which comes from underground, needs to be processed and treated before it reaches the consumer via the pipelines and that’s where the Gas Filter comes into play.The Gas Filter‘s role is to improve process efficiency and provide maximum protection by removing solids and contaminates that could plug competitive filters.The following details give an overview on the product.

Design Conditions

Gas Flowrate:                                   252, 000 kg/h

Gas density:                                      57, 7 kg/m3

Liquid entrainment:                          200 kg/h

Temperature:                                    115°C

Pressure:                                           80 kg/cm2

Cartridge pressure drop during operation:            450 mmH20

Cartridge max allowable differential pressure:     0.15 kg/cm2

Wind:                                                160 km/h (Code UBC)

Earthquake:                                       UBC Zone 1



The product guarantees the following performance:

-Efficiency of 100% for droplets greater than 3 microns

-Efficiency of 99% for droplets less than 3 microns

– Max pressure drop: 0, 1 kg/cm2


Mechanical characteristics

Diameter:                                 1000 mm

Height:                                      6165mm

Volume:                                    4m3

Shell Thickness:                        38 mm

Corrosion allowance:                3 on c.s. mm

Weight-empts/full:                    5600/9550 kg

Filtering type:                            DIA 762×3350

Filtering medium type:              Fiber Cartridge

Filtering medium model:           BB-FRF-30132 ID 635 OD 762


Cartridge dimension

-Height:                                      3350

-Int. diam:                                   635

-Ext.diam.:                                  762

Filtering area:                                            72970 cm2

Type of filter support:                 Skir


Shell and heads:                          Carbon Steel

Internals: (removable components)      AISI 316

Flanges type:                              ANSI

Flange rating:                              600

Flange facing:                              RJ

Process description

The wet gas coming from LTS units is mixed with the recycle gas coming from 32-k-1 A/B. the mixed gas can carry drops of water Dietilenglycol and HC. This filtration unit must separate all the drops before the molecular sieves beds.


Operating conditions

Gas flowrate:                                 252000 kg/h

Gas density:                                   57.7 kg/m3

Liquid entrainment:                       200 kg/m3

Liquid density:                               1000 kg/m3

Temperature:                                  33/42 °C

Pressure:                                         71 kg/cm2g