Gas Turbine Filter

Gas Turbine Filter

The environment where the Gas Turbine is used can pose it to a huge threat and affect its performance. Therefore, Arabo offers the ultimate media options with excellent moisture resistance, high strength and durability. Arabo Gas Turbine Filter has been designed from the finest materials to offer a superior dust holding efficiency and to decrease fouling.
Made of 100% high flow synthetic spunbond media and an outstanding particles release, the filter is excellent for pulse systems and perfect for the most challenging applications.
Arabo also provides replacements of cartridges for all kinds of Gas Turbine. The filters are available in multiple sizes and media configurations.


– Low airflow resistance
– High retention level
– High moisture resistance
– Elevated Pulse clean capacity for a longer life.
– High filtration efficiency in removing dust and tough contaminates
– Low energy requirements to reduce the operation cost
– High durability in the most rugged environments


– Power Plants
– Mineral processes
– Metal processes
– Pharmaceuticals

Data Sheet
A Hot melt
B Expended wire mesh
C Pleated media
D Rubber end


Ø1 Ø2 Ø3 L
324.0 212.5 135.0 660+-1.5


Ø1 Ø2 Ø4 Ø5 Ø6 Ø7 Ø8 Ø9 L
445.5 423 403 332.5 324.0 242.0 222.0 211.0 660+-1.5