Spun Bond has become a standard media thanks to its strength and its fine structure that give it a long effective operating life. Arabo Spunbond is made of 100% spunbonded polyester filter media coated with a non-stick Teflon-like PTFE membrane; it makes the cake release a lot easier and faster.

Pleated Spunbond The wide space between the pleats allows a better cleaning result through the reverse-blown compressed air method. All of these advantages make Arabo Spunbond Cartridge the best solution for many applications such as mineral processing, food industries, pharmaceutical, powder coating and foundry dust.

Aluminized (Antistatic): The superior filtration ability and the strong dust release is the best quality about this kind of Spunbond.  When applied to the spunbond media, the Micro Thin Aluminum makes it a conductive media, which helps eliminate any static build up.


– Submicron filtration
– Sticky dust or moist environments plastic shot blasting
– Metal and woodworking
– Powder coating
– Cement
– Electro static powder cabins