Design Conditions

Gas Flowrate:                                   252, 000 kg/h

Gas density:                                      57, 7 kg/m3

Liquid entrainment:                          200 kg/h

Temperature:                                    115°C

Pressure:                                           80 kg/cm2

Cartridge pressure drop during operation:            450 mmH20

Cartridge max allowable differential pressure:     0.15 kg/cm2

Wind:                                                160 km/h (Code UBC)

Earthquake:                                       UBC Zone 1


The product guarantees the following performance:

-Efficiency of 100% for droplets greater than 3 microns

-Efficiency of 99% for droplets less than 3 microns

– Max pressure drop: 0, 1 kg/cm2

Mechanical characteristics

Diameter:                                 1000 mm

Height:                                      6165mm

Volume:                                    4m3

Shell Thickness:                        38 mm

Corrosion allowance:                3 on c.s. mm

Weight-empts/full:                    5600/9550 kg

Filtering type:                            DIA 762×3350

Filtering medium type:              Fiber Cartridge

Filtering medium model:           BB-FRF-30132 ID 635 OD 762

Cartridge dimension

-Height:                                      3350

-Int. diam:                                   635

-Ext.diam.:                                  762

Filtering area:72970 cm2

Type of filter support:                 Skir


Shell and heads:                          Carbon Steel

Internals: (removable components)      AISI 316

Flanges type:                              ANSI

Flange rating:                              600

Flange facing:                              RJ

Process description

The wet gas coming from LTS units is mixed with the recycle gas coming from 32-k-1 A/B. the mixed gas can carry drops of water Dietilenglycol and HC. This filtration unit must separate all the drops before the molecular sieves beds.

Operating conditions

Gas flowrate:                                 252000 kg/h

Gas density:                                   57.7 kg/m3

Liquid entrainment:                       200 kg/m3

Liquid density:                               1000 kg/m3

Temperature:                                  33/42 °C

Pressure:                                         71 kg/cm2g